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    There is not a simple answer to "What is the price of a modular home?" or even "What is a general price estimate for a moduar home or Container Houses?" We are sorry that we had to be the ones to tell you the truth. There are many factors that will impact your price estimate. We can help understand what goes into a price estimate and how to better judge if it is a good price or an overpriced home.
    When asking how much a modular home will cost to build, many different sources will give you many different answers. Some companies will tell you that they can build you a home for as low as $35 per square foot, but what they are quoting you is only the base price. When talking about the cost of a modular home there are a few different terms used to distinguish which price you’re referring to. Always make sure to ask specific questions so you will know which price is being discussed.
    The Base Price only includes the cost of manufacturing the modules for the base plan that you have selected. No customizations or alterations will be taken into consideration with this modular homes price. Some companies will artificially reduce the base price of the home by listing space like an unfinished attic as part of the total square footage. While you can usually turn that space into livable area, that cost is not included in the base price.
    A manufacturer may say something like “You’re looking at around $200,000 to have the home built and set up.” There are a few half-truths in that claim. First, this price may or may not include the cost of delivering the modules to your build site. This cost can vary wildly depending on how far away your build site is from the factory, and in extreme cases the cost can run in to 5 digits. Modified Shipping Container Home at hzxiaoya also very good.
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